Q: Why choose Creative Binds?
A: We carry the most user-friendly binding systems available. Our diverse product line has patented technology that ensures your documents stay bound. Our level of commitment to ensuring that we find the right product for your company is second to none.

Q: We would rather you bind our documents for us. Is this possible?
A: Yes, in many cases we can accommodate your needs. Contact a representative for more information.
Q: Is there a warranty involved with the purchase of a binding machine?
A: Yes, there is a one-year full replacement warranty on all of our machines.

Q: How do I know which product will suit my needs? 
A: We would be happy to assess your needs and recommend the right product for you. Schedule a risk-free consultation / demonstration now.

Q: Can I use any kind of paper in my Unibind system?
A: Yes, the Unibind SteelBinding technology allows you to bind every type of office and photo paper. The sheet capacity of Unibind binding covers is based upon 80GSM paper. The use of heavier paper will call for a larger spine size to be used and might require a second binding run to safely secure all paper in the resin.

Q: Can I edit the bound document once it’s bound?
Q: My document contains a mistake. Can I correct this document?
Q: I forgot to bind a page in my document. Can I still add it to the bound document?
A: Yes, all machines have an edit feature which allows you to remove or insert pages.

Q: How do I undo a bind?
A: To undo a bound document, position the cover on the heating compartment and wait for the indicator light to turn green. The molten resin allows you to add pages to and/or remove pages from the cover. Tap on the documents to ensure that all of the sheets make good contact with the adhesive in the spine. After the binding heat sequence, let the rebound document cool down again for a secure binding. When adding pages, it is recommended to keep in mind the sheet capacity of the used cover (spine size).

Q: How many pages fit in each spine size?
A:  Standard spine widths range from 1mm to 36 mm. Sheet capacity is based upon 80GSM paper. The use of heavier paper will call for a wider cover to be used.
Use the below table for reference binding 80GSM paper:


Tip: Use the spine measurer to select the right size cover for your document or photo prints

Q: Can I customize my own style of hardback cover?
A: Yes, if you find a product that doesn’t meet the requirements of the look you need, contact a Creative Binds representative to customize your look.

Q: How long do the bound covers have to stay on the cooling compartment before I can use them?
A: Most applications will be ready for use after 2 minutes of cooling. For spine sizes above 15mm it is recommended to allow more time for cooling. The wider a document is, the longer time will be needed for the document to cool to room temperature (i.e., for maximum binding strength). For photo applications or for use with paper thicker than 80GSM, it is also advisable to allow more time for cooling.