New Report Shows Dangerous Security Vulnerabilities In Very Common Printers


Nowadays, anything connected to your network can be vulnerable to attacks. Long gone are the days when you could feel safe by simply having a security key on your network and decent antivirus software. Especially in today’s day and age, you are only as secure as the most vulnerable device connected to your network: which in many cases is your printer.

A new report conducted by researches at the Ruhr University Bochum has discovered that most of the popular brands of desktop printers were vulnerable to attacks that could reset the printer to factory settings and gain information about the network. The researchers found that with a basic knowledge of the printer’s architecture, they could even see print/copy/scan jobs and download a copy to their computers remotely. In the worst cases, they were even able to print out a copy of private information, such as network security codes, and send a copy to their computers remotely.

Chart courtesy of Web in Security

What you may notice is that Xerox is not on this list. There is a reason why Xerox is the preferred vendor of the United States Department of Defense, and that is the airtight, multilayered security that Xerox products provide.

Xerox has even partnered with the security giant McAffe to provide the highest level of protection against internet intruders compromising your printer.

Don’t risk your data. Get secure and protect your information with a Xerox device today.

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