Xerox Print Setup

Why Hamilton Digital?

Three Key Differentiators for Hamilton Digital:

Both local and global. Hamilton Digital offers all of the benefits of working with a small local business, while having all of the backing and resources from the $22-billion corporation: Xerox. Our local staff provides direct contact for sales and support, while technical service, supplies and billing are provided directly through Xerox.

Customer satisfaction is our business. Every customer, regardless of their size, are catered to with the upmost level of customer service. We are very quick to respond to every issue a customer could potentially face in the most efficient manner possible. Since our agency operates on a local level, we are easily reachable anytime… and with Xerox’s full service department on our team, we have over twenty technicians in the Greater Cincinnati area that work exclusively on Xerox products.

We’re here to help. Our agency wants you to use and enjoy your Xerox product, not to be frustrated with it. We have an experienced, full-time, local technology staff ready to assist you at all times with virtually any issue that one could experience, from software to networking and anything between and beyond. Rest assured that we will meet any and all conflicts that arise head-on.