Xerox building

Why Xerox

Three Key Differentiators for Xerox:

The best equipment that money can buy.

Our award-winning products provide the best value possible, offering the most variety of features and functionality while most importantly: maintaining uptime. With Xerox SmartKIT technology, even the most non-proficient users can quickly and easily replace most components of the machine without the need for a service call. Xerox is committed to using only the highest quality materials to ensure maximum productivity for your company, with most of our machines being constructed within The United States.

We will stand behind our products…we guarantee it.

While Xerox manufactures the highest quality products in the industry, we believe it is important to have the assurance that you’re covered if something does go wrong. All of our products are backed by Xerox’s “Total Satisfaction Guarantee”, which states that we will replace the equipment, free-of-charge, if it is not functioning properly. This process is 100% customer-driven and is unique to Xerox.

We Hold The Paperwork, Not The Bank.

Most of our competing vendors do not have their own financial institutions to process their leases, and are forced to use big banks for their financing. Our leases are through Xerox Capital Services, enabling much more flexibility for our customers, as well as eliminating a variety of “hidden fees”. Our billing department can be reached by phone or e-mail immediately, virtually any time. (For more information on why Xerox has the best leasing in the business, please see the document “True Review”.)